(Must be included with nomination)

** Note:  All recipients are expected to attend the NACTA Awards Conference and Banquet.  NACTA does not cover expenses: registration, travel, lodging, meals, etc. 

1. Nomination packet with label (send four copies) postmarked by March 1st.  NOTE - No copies will be returned, so don't send the original.  When putting the nomination packet together, please use a soft cover or soft notebook (not a hardcover notebook).
2. A photograph and short biography of each award recipient will be included in the awards program at the annual conference.  Submit a biography not to exceed 250 words in WordPerfect or Word format, along with a good picture in the form of a JPG or GIF file (the larger/better quality, the better your picture will be).  The biography and picture should be sent via e-mail to the Chair of the Teacher Recognition Committee.
3. Cover page - Include: addresses, phone numbers & e-mail information for nominee & nominator.  
4. Divider 1: NACTA Checklist. 
5. Divider 2: Nominator's letter addressed to Prasanta Kalita

6. Divider 3: Evidence of a current Active NACTA Membership and teaching appointment (25% or greater teaching for 5 of the past 7 years) - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADDRESS THIS!
7. Divider 4: Teaching Philosophy (Not to exceed 5 typewritten double-spaced pages). 
8. Divider 5: Summary of Course Evaluations (Last 3 years - include one example of evaluation instrument). 
9. Divider 6: Teacher Evaluation form (No more than 10 from current students).  See main page for form**
10. Divider 7: Alumni Evaluations (5 with a minimum of 2 from the last five year's graduates).   See main page for form**
11. Divider 8: Administrative Officer Evaluations (Minimum of one, but not more than three - Department Head, Associate Dean, Dean).   See main page for form**
12. Divider 9: Peer Evaluations (Minimum of one, but not more than three - enhanced by peers outside of your institution).  See main page for form**
13. Divider 10: Nominee Self-Evaluation which should address the following: 
  • Availability to students.  
  • Ability to attract and motivate students.  
  • Use of current, innovative and effective teaching methods.  
  • Current in subject matter.  
  • Scholarly activities. 
  • Active participation in departmental and institutional affairs. 
  • Mediator of the campus culture and link to the public. 
  • Student related activities (e.g. advisor to clubs, student recruitment, etc.)  
14. Divider 11: Nominee's Resume/Vita  
15. Send four copies of your nomination packet (packets will not be returned) to: 
Dr. Prasanta K. Kalita
1304 W. Pennsylvania Avenue
Agric. & Biol. Engr Department
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801

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